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A graduate of Film and English studies from the University of Tübingen and Wesleyan University (Connecticut, USA).
Continuously seeking new avenues for storytelling and visual expression. Lorenza worked as a senior editor and creative director for Trailerhaus,
where she was nominated for a Golden Trailer Award in 2019.  She then went on to work as a creative supervisor for The Walt Disney Company,
where she helped create captivating marketing AV for Disney+. Free from the confines of traditional roles –  Lorenza is a dedicated designer of AI images,
with a special penchant for retro futuristic architecture. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is an enthusiast of internet culture,
with a particular fondness for memes.


Christopher is a multifaceted creative force with a passion for visual storytelling and a keen eye for detail.
His journey began as an editor for theatrical trailers and TV spots at Trailerhaus, where his passion for storytelling and attention to detail
quickly made him Head Of the Online and Broadcast department. Throughout his career, Christopher has worn many hats,
working as both producer and camera operator across continents and a wide range of formats – from documentaries to commercials.
Christopher’s special talent lies in uncovering the hidden beauty within everyday scenes.
Beyond the visual realm, his intense love for music serves as a creative muse.

Lorenza & Christopher


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